Water Fuel Technology For Cars -

Convert Your Car to Run on Water
and save over 50% on fuel costs!


Can Water Really Power a Car?
The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY!


Gasoline prices have been shooting through the roof with depleting fuel reserves and geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East. There doesn't seem to be any solution to the problem as long as our cars are still dependent on fossil fuel. A lot of people are very skeptical about using water as fuel for cars. Well with all the popularity of alternative fuel sources and rising gas prices all over the world, it seems that water has been a big subject. Can you run a car on water? Maybe not in its liquid state, but converting it over to a gas HHO also known as brown's gas or hydrogen oxygen gas through the use of electrolysis it is said to help increase performance and miles per gallon mpg. You canít run totally on it, it's just a supplement to gas or diesel. It has also received many positive results from both gasoline and diesel users alike.

Reduce your fuel cost with hundreds of dollars every month Ö
Increase the engine's horsepower and torque Ö
Works on gas or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. (Not tested on hybrids)
Works with plain tap water. No need for distilled water or special water additives!
We've simplified the process. The steps are easy, and the materials are affordable.


The conversion WILL NOT void your warranty because it is 100% reversible! It's easy to install and remove.

Hydrogen is safer than gasoline. It is 14 times lighter than air. It rises very fast. Gasoline fumes fall to the ground and accumulate. HHO is very explosive, but, you are not going to store it. You are going to use what you make as you make it. That way is safe.

Hydrogen is our future fuel. We - can - make it ourselves; that is why big business and governments want to suppress it. Learn what you can about it, while the information is available. You may need to use what you know some day.

When you download "Run Your Car on HHO", you will be able to install the system on your car in just a few hours. And you will enjoy it for life.


This Guide is recommend to be the best in value for converting your vehicle to burn water with HHO gas technology.


If you do want to save a lot of money on gas and don't have 'Run Your Car On HHO',

you are losing out....

Video Below of the H2O Power Car




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does it really work ?

A: Yes; this is well-established technology dating back to stainless steel. But be sure to follow these instructions using the proper mechanical and electrical assembly techniques, as this plan incorporates the best qualities of several techniques.


Q: How does it qualify as "free energy"?

A: If you're paying someone for the water you use, then it is not strictly free. But the alternative is to keep buying into expen$ive ga$oline and its resultant hydrocarbon pollution.


Q: Is it safe?

A: Technically, it is safer than running on fossil fuel because you are no longer choking on your own emissions (health-wise). In general, it is practically as safe as your current gasoline arrangement. You will be installing a few simple safety devices, using current automotive standards.


Q: What kind of performance can I expect?

A: Properly adjusted, your modified vapor-only fuel system will run cooler, and at a modestly higher power level. The mileage performance expected from this design ranges from 50-300 mpg (of water), depending on your adjusting skills.


Q: What is the environmental impact that my vehicle will have?

A: It will be producing H20 steam (water vapor) and unburnt O2 (Oxygen). Hence, it will be cleaning the environment, rather than dumping nauseous toxins into it. Plus you will be helping to save our dwindling supply of atmospheric oxygen. Any excess vapor in the reaction becomes either steam or oxygen. You can also expect to be receiving more than casual interest from those around you.


When you think about it, the odds are really stacked in your favor. When you put the HHO-Converter system into place, it will be pretty hard for you not to see some amazing results.  There is just way too much evidence that backs it up.

What's awesome about this amazing conversion is that it can work on any car, VAN, SUV, truck and motorized vehicle. And it already works for people in US, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa....

Ease of Use
Fuel Savings
Customer Support
Environment Benefits

Stop Throwing Away Money On Fuel Everyday!

Full Conversion Guide


Get the complete illustrated guide to build your own

HHO Converter and installing it to your car.

You will see the exact name of the components and where to get them. The total cost for this major upgrade on your car is under $100. And you can use it for as many cars as you want.

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P.S. Just so you know, there's nothing "magical" about HHO-Converter System even though it may seem like it. Sure, it could be responsible for increasing your fuel economy up to 50% and it could show you how to make your own fuel for .75 cents per gallon.

And while that may seem amazing, you should consider this: You are not going to save a dime on fuel if you sit there and do nothing.  The oil companies have bet billions that you won't.  Don't hold your breath waiting for someone else to solve your personal fuel economy problems ...its up to you to get going.

Your Success is Guaranteed!

If you follow all the steps I give you and we still can't make it work, I will refund 100% of your payment!

This conversion kit manual works on gas and diesel powered cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, but has not yet been tested on hybrid vehicles (Please let us know if you get this working on a hybrid!) The kit is designed to be easy to understand - please consult an expert mechanic if you do not have minimal mechanical experience.

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